It just makes cents!


About Queenstown Sport Center

Queenstown Sports Center is a family-owned and operated indoor sports facility that offers youth and adults climate controlled space to participate in sports activities. Both formal teams and casual players can utilize the facility for training, games, tournaments and events of all kinds. As a community oriented facility, QSC can be rented for $35 per hour…a very affordable rate for any group!

Birthday Parties

Host a birthday party at QSC for $35/hour!

• No limit on the # of attendees
• Soccer, Kickball, Basketball, Wiffleball, Dodgeball

* bounce houses available from Shore Party Rentals

Host Your Own Event

Our Space…Your Event.  Want a place to host an event, tournament, drop-in play or play day?  Host it at Queenstown Sports Center and charge what you wish.  See our sports rental information for details.