Host Your Own Event!

You can rent the court and lounge area at Queenstown Sports Center for just $35/hour and organize your own event and charge attendees whatever you want!  Want to have a drop-in play night and charge players $10 each.  You can do that!  Want to host a basketball tournament and charge teams for entry?  You can do that!  We’re the perfect facility for basketball, volleyball, or futsal tournaments!

Please keep in mind that you do need to reserve enough time for both set up and clean up.  We’re doing our best to keep the cost low for everyone…we need your help to do that!

Please leave the facility as you found it.

Need help at your event?

Looking for someone to help at your event?  We can connect you with one or more of our college-bound high school students who are available to help coordinate, organize, and oversee game play or assist you with set-up/clean-up.  The cost for hiring one of these students is an additional $25/hour and we’ll connect you directly to coordinate activities.